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I’m so excited to partner with Oral-B iO this season to showcase an incredible initiative they’re doing along with giving YOU tips for a clean and fresh smile!

Karina Style Diaries using Oral-B

The Oral-B power brush is the toothbrush that takes it to the next level, the brushing technique uses micro-vibrations giving you a deeper cleaning of teeth and gums. I was able to chat with Dr. Biehle who has used it for years and is a huge fan and she mentioned this new technology helps patients to become educated on how to be a better brusher.

The bluetooth capability technology shows us how long and where to be brushing, it will tell you exactly what area you’ve brushed, where you haven’t, gives a signal where you still need to brush right on your phone screen. Genious!!

Oral-B iO power toothbrush benefits

Dr. Biehle also walked me through how much effort Oral-B put in the brush head to emulate the type of brush we get at a professional cleaning in the dental office. The round head compared to the rectangular head reaches more areas of the mouth giving you a better angle to brush.

Karina Style Diaries using Oral-B iO toothbrush

It is an investment so what makes it worth it to buy it? Besides all of this amazing technology, I can tell you from my personal use. I’ve been an electric toothbrush user for over 6 years, and every time I go to my annual cleaning appointment I get compliments from my dentist and hygenist about how good of a job I do with keeping my teeth clean and I take all the credit 😉

Oral-B has also been working alongside local dental professionals on a special program designed to surprise patients across the U.S. The mission was to identify deserving patients who could greatly benefit from receiving iO. The requirements: different age range, teachers, people affected by pandemic serving the community. 

Here are the 5 patients Dr. Biehle chose to receive this amazing gift from Oral-B:

1- Molly Moore, is a 29 year-old teacher in our community who has recently accepted the challenge to teach virtually. While facing her own personal, medical, and dental obstacles, she continues to serve our youth and would be a deserving candidate of the new Oral-B iO brush.

2- Manuel “Manny” Becker, is a 55 year-old Hispanic, retired cop and now security guard who is a true patriarch of his family. He has played an important role within our high school football community. He takes care of his grandchildren and makes sure that all of their dental needs are met. He currently has a son that is serving in the military.

3- Kinnadi Skinner, is a 17 year-old female who was not able to be seen by the dentist as a child, but has made the decision as soon as she could, to bring herself and to make her own appointments. She has taken charge of her dental health and has addressed and treated her dental needs. She will truly benefit from the use of the new brush.

4- Dave Shaw, is a 73 year-old who has oral bone loss and dental needs that would benefit from the Oral-B iO brush. His wife and granddaughter passed away in 2019 and lost his daughter in April of this year during time of quarantine. He is very deserving of a new OralB iO brush!

5- Jessica Lambring is 30 year-old who is a Speech-Language Pathologist. She provides speech therapy to short-term rehabilitation patients preparing to return home, long-term residents, and outpatient assisted living residents with the goal to achieve their maximum level of function to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Karina Style Diaries using Oral-B iO toothbrush

I hope this partnership got you excited to check out the new Oral-B iO and make your oral health a priority!



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