How to Take your Own Photos using a Tripod

One of my most frequently asked questions over at Instagram is about photo editing which is a huge part of someone’s brand if you ask me. But for most people, the real struggle is to get started. To have someone to take your pictures. That’s why I want to show you a way to take charge and take your own photos using a tripod!


I added the camera and lens I use since I get questions about that too! It’s a great DLSR Nikon D750 with a Sigma 24mm Art Lens. That’s how I usually take my photos but iPhone is a great way to take pics on the go. I personally know lots of successful bloggers who use iPhone photos exclusively. One of them is my friend who actually taught me how to shoot on my own!!! Cheers for friends and no excuses.

Let me know if this video was helpful to you and if you’d like to see more blogging/Instagram tips by leaving me a comment below or on the Youtube Video! Also, make sure to subscribe to my channel HERE for weekly videos 🙂



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