7 Essential Tips for Making your Dreams Come True in 2019

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Happy New Year friends! Welcome back!! I’m sooo excited to share with you 7 essential tips for making your dreams come true in 2019. Over the course of this past year, I went through some of the biggest changes in my life that led me to be sitting here writing for you in deep gratitude. I adopted a few practices and other small changes that made me ready to overcome sickness, make old dreams come true and have an amazing perspective about 2019. Life has never been better and I want YOU to have that too! Read on if you’re up for the challenge…

If you have been a reader of Karina Style Diaries for a while, or have been following on Instagram you know I’ve been around for a few years. Through ups and downs and a lot of doubt, I blogged for years with the hopes to make it my full-time job and sole source of income for my family. The problem is I highly doubted it would be possible. It took seeing so many of my friends, younger and older making it happen for me to stop doubting myself and start believing what so many people were saying. That I was capable, unique and have a voice no one else has. It’s the basic concept of Believe in Yourself or else no one else will! That being said, I want to quickly walk you through the practices I adopted in my life this past year to prove that a change in thoughts, words, and attitude can and will change your life like it has mine!!

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Making your Dreams Come True with these Tips:

  • Practice Gratitude! Back in December, 27th 2017 I started the 5-minute journal routine. Which is a daily anticipated gratitude journal that consists of waking up and writing down 3 things you’re grateful for. 3 things you want to accomplish in your day. And a few affirmations: “I am…” focusing on things you already have or you want to have and writing them down. I.e: I am loved, fulfilled and successful. I make $175,000 a year. I have a job I love and am able to help others through it. (Or whatever else you deeply desire). BE SPECIFIC, and write it down even if you don’t have it yet. And at night we write 3 amazing things that happened on that day. They also say: “Never go to be bed without a request to your subconscious”. Easy enough huh? Don’t underestimate the power of anticipated gratitude guys. It fuels your fire!!!
  • Start your day connecting with God or your high source of Energy whatever that looks like to you! Make it a part of your routine. Talk to God and ask for His guidance every day. Call it a morning chat! Prayer doesn’t need to be formal and doesn’t have rules. God wants us to talk to him anytime we feel like, to ask, to thank, to cry and to laugh. Every beginning of the year I fast with my church. I choose to give something up for 21 days. It can be something that’s noisy in your world, a food group you indulge on, social media, shopping, or anything else you feel like it keeps you from hearing the quiet still voice of God. His voice is always there but the world around us is so loud we often miss it. The practice of fasting combined with daily prayer helps to silence the world so we can hear His voice! PS: this is my reset button and helps me to set goals for the upcoming year. If you’re not ready to fast simply chat with God. That’s LIFE CHANGING!
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  • Meditate! Take a few minutes in your day to be in silence and rest your mind. It can be the practice a breathing exercise to clear your thoughts and give your brain a break. Or a guided meditation via an app on your phone. Youtube also has a lot of soothing music or mantras. As the year progressed I included a daily meditation practice in my mornings. I use a free app called Insight Timer that contains thousands of guided meditations for beginners or experts in several languages. We can choose the mediation based on how much time we have available or by a theme such as spirituality, anxiety, wellness, etc. I also use it when I’m restless at night. It’s like magic if you struggle with insomnia or can’t shut your brain at night. Moms out there: they work with kids too! My son has a hard time falling asleep and an evening sleep guided meditation never fails to get him passed out. I swear!!!
  • Write down your goals! Throw it all out to the Universe. I promise you it’s not BS. Science proves it if you are skeptical! When I started to write down goals and track results I saw dreams coming to life. I wrote down I wanted to blog full time and make x amount of money a month in my first year. Not only that came to life, but it was in the midst of a Breast Cancer diagnosis! I surpassed my money goals and keep on increasing it every month. It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires a deep belief and a whole lotta work! You have to look at those goals as they are a part of you already and visualize them taking life before your eyes. For instance, if you want to buy a house you need to not only write that down but visualize the house you want and see yourself living there. Take time to review that goal/dream and write small steps of how you can make that a reality. Follow up with those goals once or twice a month. Revisit them, make changes and write down ways you might be able to accomplish them. It might not fit every single one but do it with the ones that you can! I look back as far as 2017 when I started the practice and see so many things that came to life.
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  • Be careful with your words and thoughts! You know the saying “You are what you eat” I also believe in something more in the lines of “what you think is what you are” or “what you say is what you are“. If you are always complaining about life and what is happening to you or how unlucky in love you are or how broke you are that’s exactly what you’ll attract back to you. Remember the Universe thing? The universe doesn’t understand moods and it doesn’t know you don’t want to be in that position. It simply returns what you think about or what you say. We all have obstacles and challenges in our lives. The way you face those challenges is what changes their outcome. You might have seen my Cancer Journey video, if not I’m linking it here in case you are curious to see that what I’m talking about! Please feel free to share with someone going through this awful disease to bring them hope and a smile because I guarantee it will! Back to my thought: Start speaking words of life into your life. Things such as “I am healthy, my life is so filled with blessings, my body is strong, I am generous and money flows in abundance. I am able to be a blessing to others financially and through my daily actions.” You’ll notice that as you say you’re healthy you will start choosing healthier things to eat, as you say my life is full of blessings you’ll start to pay more attention to the actual blessings rather than the hard times. And so forth and so on.
  • Surround yourself with people who think the way you want to think. In other words, be the dumbest person in a room full of smart people, successful entrepreneurs, and girl (or boy) bosses. That’s the best way to learn the most. This has been so real for me. I saw clear changes when I started hanging out with like-minded people. I like to be around people that have the same frequency as me. Who lift me up, who support me and add value. Value doesn’t just mean career. It’s about life and how you leave the interaction. Did that person make you feel great or they made you think about something you need to consider or change in a thoughtful constructive way? Or did they make you feel jealous, bad, stressed, defensive? Ditch the second group friends, preferably RIGHT AWAY! Again, surround yourself with positive, successful people. People you can learn something from, whether is from a career standpoint or just how to be kind, patient and loving.
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  • Give back! Give freely! Whether it’s your time, your ear, your hugs, your expertise, and even your money. Giving is not only a way to show gratefulness but it’s biblical. “A generous person will prosper;
    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
    ” Proverbs 11:25. see more verses about giving here. Giving makes we feel good! From a health perspective givers on a whole, experience a boost in morale, increased feelings of happiness, greater purpose in life and naturally lower stress levels. If nothing else it’s good Karma baby 🙂 I got the following giving steps from the “How to be a Badass” book and wanted to share with you to help you with giving.
  1. “Pick one or two causes that have real meaning to you and give to them every month. Give however much time or money you can, but do it consistently so it becomes a habit, so it becomes part of who you are. Even five bucks a month counts.
  2. Give one of your favorite things in the world to someone you know would totally love it. And is you can, do it without them knowing where it came from.
  3. Leave a dollar more than you normally would everytime you tip. Or ten 🙂
  4. If someone is being snarky, instead os sinking to their level and being snarky back, raise them up by giving them the love. (this one is a real hard one for me, but practice makes it perfect, right?!)
  5. Smile, compliment, and crack people up as often as possible. (I’m pretty darn good at this one. Just sayin’ 😉
  6. Say yes to invitations that you wouldn’t normally say yes to becasue you hate to inconvenience the person offering. Take them up on it. Give them the opportunity to give it to you.
  7. Stop and feel in your body how great it feels when you give and receive; raise your frequency and expect more good things to come your way!”

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This is what my mornings look like (and I’ve tried a ton of different ways with lots of failure and frustrations before nailing it!).
I put my alarm to go off 20 minutes before it’s time to get up. I stay in bed and choose a 11-15 min meditation laying down. They help me wake up slowly and with the right mindset! I pray right after I meditate because my frequency is at its highest. My mind is clear and my thoughts are positive!
I get up, make my coffee and take the girls to school. When I get back I write in my journal, and/or a daily devotion while enjoying some more peace and quiet (usually just a few minutes) I don’t look at social media, nor I open emails until I’m ready to start working. About 8:30 or 9 am. This is very important! You must at least try!!

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I can’t wait to hear if you use any of these practices and how they affect your life. Please give them a try for the rest of the month and I guarantee you’ll feel different by the end of the month!

I love you guys and am SO THANKFUL for you. Without you I wouldn’t be here doing what I love so this is my way to GIVE BACK!



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