What to Wear With Black Jeans: 12 Easy Outfit Ideas

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When it comes to getting dressed, most of us reach for a basic pair of denim to serve as the base of our outfit. While I love denim and think it’s a wardrobe staple, why not mix things up with a pair of black jeans?

Black jeans might seem a bit more difficult to style, but in reality, they are just as versatile as blue denim. I love that they offer a way to break up your typical denim look while still maintaining a casual, everyday vibe.

Another perk to black pants is that they can be easily dressed up or down depending on what occasion you’re getting ready for. There are also a ton of comfortable options out there, and they can be worn with just about any style of shoes.

If you need some black jean outfit inspiration, you’re in the right place! Here, I’m sharing a handful of ideas on what to wear with black jeans, including outfits for the cooler months and summer weather.

What to Wear With Black Jeans

1. A striped sweater.

If you need to look put together yet want to feel comfy, this is the perfect outfit option. I love the combo of the black and white striped sweater with these wide leg pants (which have adorable cuffed detailing.)

For the final touches, I added a pair of pointed toe booties, a crossbody bag, and of course some sunnies. I’d wear this look to dinner but it could also work for the office if you have a more casual dress code.

2. Make it cozy with a sweatshirt.

Sometimes going the cozy route is the most appealing option, and that’s when sweatshirts come in handy. While most people think of sweatshirts as loungewear/something to throw on when you’re at home, I’ve found that there are plenty of options that provide a more high-end feel.

The key is to look for sweatshirts that are made with quality—I personally love this navy blue find as well as all the options from Varley. Try a crewneck style or a half-zip to make things feel more polished. I’ve also found that sticking to neutrals can make an outfit look more upscale.

Once you’ve landed on the sweatshirt you’re going to wear, just slip into your pair of black jeans and add any shoes you’d like (I’d probably go with white sneakers.)

black jean outfit idea with a sweatshirt

3. Try a black and brown combo.

You might hear conflicting advice about wearing black and brown together, but I happen to think it makes for an ultra-rich look. Here, I styled a suede button down with some straight leg black pants. Then, I added these fun and furry slides to give things more visual interest.

4. Go classic with a white button-up.

If you need a basic yet works-for-anything black jeans outfit idea, this is it. Throw on a white button-up as your top and black jeans as your pants and you’ll be good to go. A white button-up is a closet must-have, so you’re sure to get great wear out of it with other outfits as well.

black jean outfit idea with a white button up shirt

5. Slip into white sneakers.

Similar to the white button-up idea, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. The drastic contrast between black jeans and bright white sneakers will leave you with a streamlined look that’s easy to put together.

I’m linking some of my favorite white sneaker options below, but as far as tops go, you can really choose anything you’d like—a sweater, t-shirt, bodysuit, you name it!

6. Wear a tie front cardigan.

Is it just me or have these tie front cardigans been everywhere lately? Lean into the trend by styling one with your black jeans. You could always add a tank top underneath if you want more coverage.

I think this outfit would look super cute for a date night or girls night out. Add a pair of strappy heels and some of your go-to jewelry to accessorize. You could also tote along a fun handbag, like this one, to make even more of a statement.

black jean outfit idea with tall black boots and a tie front cardigan

7. Add a tweed jacket.

You guys know I love a tweed jacket, especially as we inch closer to the spring and summer months. They offer such a timeless feel while being the perfect layer option during transitional seasons.

There’s something about the combo of black jeans with a tweed jacket that feels so feminine and well-balanced. This is another outfit that’s appropriate for a variety of occasions, whether you’re heading to meet friends for brunch or you’re running errands.

Tip: Add a belt to break up your look and to give things a more styled feel.

8. Wear a basic t-shirt.

When in doubt, there’s no shame in reaching for your trusted t-shirt. Ideal for everyday wear, styling a simple tee with black jeans is casual, comfortable, and chic. The options with this look are endless since you could go with a shirt that’s plain or graphic—and you likely already have what you need in your closet.

9. Go with tall boots.

If you have some black skinny jeans, you could easily tuck them into a pair of tall boots. I tend to reach for this look when the temps are cool (since the boots offer extra warmth.)

The exact sweater I’m wearing in the photos below is unfortunately sold out, but I think this light pink color would look pretty. You could also choose something in a beige or nude color, which offers a sophisticated look when paired with black jeans.

10. Try shades of gray.

Gray and black are the ultimate color combo—they’re two neutrals that somehow complement each other flawlessly. You could choose a gray cardigan, a turtleneck tank, or a v-neck tee to sport on top while you let your black pants serve as a bold focal point. Consider accessorizing with silver jewelry to keep the gray vibes going.

11. Throw on a denim jacket.

One major perk to wearing black jeans is that you can rock a denim jacket without it resulting in a Canadian tuxedo look. However, if you’re into the monochromatic look, you could easily wear a black denim jacket as well. Both options create a laid-back feel (and they don’t take much effort to style.)

12. Opt for a bodysuit.

Just like black jeans are a versatile and practical wardrobe staple, so are bodysuits. You can wear a bodysuit with so many different pieces, and there are loads of options that work for various seasons. This would be another fool-proof outfit choice for a date night since you could wear it with heels.

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