Vivomove Luxe Hybrid Smartwatch

Hi guys! I’m so pumped to be writing this blog post because I can’t get enough of my Garmin Vivomove Luxe Hybrid Smart Watch.

I’m thinking that just like me, there are a lot of non-savvy nor patient ladies out there when it comes to learning new technology but I also know lots of us want to track our fitness and sleep/wellness. I found out when I shared the sleep feature on my Insta stories and so many of you reached out interested in learning more!!

That’s when I was approached by Garmin and realized they have gorgeous luxe smartwatches that combine the traditional look of a sleek analog watch with the essential smart features we count on to keep up with our busy lives! Plus easy and intuitive features make it so easy to master the learning process!!

Garmin Vivomove Luxe Silver Stainless Steel Case with Silver Milanese Band

I selected the Vivomove Luxe Silver Stainless Steel Case with Silver Milanese Band along with a suede tan band for an extra look! The watch is beautiful. With 16 different design options and the ability to build your own, vívomove goes with any outfit, any activity, and any time of day. 

Wear it to Work/Happy Hours

Karina Style Diaries wearing Garmin Vivomove smartwatch white lace blouse fall style
Karina Style Diaries wearing Garmin Vivomove smartwatch workwear

Wear it on Weekends

Karina Style Diaries wearing Garmin Vivomove smartwatch anine bing tee gucci bag levis jeans fall style

Wear it to the Gym/Yoga/Home

Karina Style Diaries wearing Garmin Vivomove smartwatch lulu lemon leggings white knit hoodie

My favorite features of the watch are the health and fitness trackers.

I’m really into the sleep track feature that tells me how many hours of a deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and awake hours I spend through the night. This helps me adjust any activities I’ve done the day before. For instance, one night I got 5 hours of deep sleep and I had just had a Yoga Nidra session and was so relaxed I slept like a baby. On the other hand, if I was working late in front of a computer my sleep was agitated and not restful.

I haven’t nailed down all the fitness features yet, but the Luxe line tracks activities such as walking, running, strength training, cardio, and even yoga! This is a sample screen!

Garmin Fitness Tracker

The battery life that lasts about 5 days without charging. Other features include pay on the go, notification of text messages and emails, calendar reminders, weather, stress level measure and so many more I haven’t explored yet!

I’m just so excited I can now combine style with technology and be in the known about my health, stay connected without the need of having my phone on my at all times and cannot wait to learn more about my new watch!

I hope this explains a lot and helps you in making a decision to incorporate a luxe smartwatch into your life! What’s the feature that excites you the most?

*This post is being sposnored by Garmin. All selections, review and opnions are my own and honest.