What to Pack for Europe in the Summer (Your Complete Packing Guide)

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There’s nothing better than spending some time in Europe during the summer—the warm weather, the wide range of activities, and the lively social scene all make it a popular spot for travel during this time of year. If you’re lucky enough to be heading there this season, then this Europe packing guide is for you.

I know firsthand that the packing process can feel very tedious and overwhelming, especially when you’re going somewhere international. If you’re anything like me then you likely want lots of outfit options while you’re traveling but you also want to be practical (and to avoid overpacking). It takes a lot of practice and a little bit of stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to pack lightly, but I promise that you’ll be glad you only brought pieces you really need!

When creating a list of what to pack for Europe in the summer, you’ll obviously want to take the weather into account. Typically, the temperatures range from TK to TK, with chillier elements expected in the early mornings and evenings.

Another aspect to consider is what type of activities you’ll be doing during your trip. Are you primarily sight seeing and walking around each city you visit? Do you have lots of fancy dinner reservations planned? Will you be visiting a bunch of museums? Looking closely at your itinerary can help you narrow in on what items you need, and can even help you choose specific outfits for each day of your trip.

Regardless of what you plan to do on your getaway, I put together a variety of looks that will take you from touchdown to takeoff. These outfits are all ideal for the summer climate in Europe, and they would all be appropriate whether you’re strolling through the streets of Paris or you’re settling down in Amsterdam. Bon voyage!

What to Pack for Europe in the Summer

Lightweight Dresses

When dressing for hot and humid conditions, there’s nothing more cozy to slip into than a lightweight dress. Breezy fabrics like linen and cotton are good choices. Dresses are also easy to pack since they are generally thin and don’t take up too much space. Pair any dress with white sneakers, ballet flats, or sandals and you’ll be set for a day full of activities.

Comfortable Daytime Pieces

Even if you’ve been to Europe several times before, I’d say it’s a safe bet to assume that you’ll be doing at least some walking. The biggest piece of advice I have is to choose shoes that you’re comfortable in—my personal pick is typically white sneakers. If you’re worried about fitting a pair of clunky sneakers in your luggage, a simple solution is to wear them during your flight.

As far as daytime outfits go, I’d suggest packing a denim skirt, which looks polished yet provides comfort regardless of what you’re doing. If a skirt isn’t what you’re in the mood to wear, denim shorts or even linen shorts would also work. Pair any of these bottoms with a basic tank top or t-shirt then add a layer like a blazer, jean jacket, or a cardigan in case it cools off.

Day to Night Outfits

When traveling (especially abroad) it’s likely that your days are jam-packed, potentially requiring you to be out and about from the early hours into the evening. In that case, you’ll want to be strategic about your outfit choice.

Luckily, it’s pretty simple to dress for a day of exploring that turns into a more upscale dinner. The key? Wearing pieces that are comfortable yet elevated—think bodysuits, high quality tank tops, and even layers, like a blazer. These are some current faves of mine…

White Dresses

If you’re looking for a way to get the most versatility out of the pieces you pack, consider a white dress. There’s something about white dresses that feel particularly appropriate for summer in Europe, but they also have the added perk of going with everything.

You could seamlessly wear any of these picks with sneakers and a crossbody bag during the day, then switch things up with heels and some colorful accessories for a more flirty nighttime look. Also, toting along a denim jacket is certainly wise—it can be thrown on over any outfit and is a good layer to have during your flight!

Night Out Looks

Who doesn’t love a good night out? In my opinion, this is the occasion when you can have the most fun with your outfits. Don’t be afraid to go with a bold color or vibrant print—the style in Europe totally calls for it!

In the summertime, I think the best go-to night out look is a cute dress paired with some heels. Keep in mind that a lot of the streets in Europe are cobblestone, so if you’re walking, you might want to opt for flats. Not feeling a dress? Jeans and a bodysuit or off the shoulder top would be another fool-proof option!

What are your go-to outfits to wear during the summer in Europe? Let me know in the comment section below!

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