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Hi friends! I have been getting so many questions in DMs lately so I decided to compile them all into one blog post! I’m going to start doing these frequently so you have one place to get all of the answers to your commonly asked Q’s. If you have any questions, of course, feel free to send me a DM or drop a comment on this post!

Q: Which markers or pens do you use in your Bible? Always worried they might go through onto the other page.

A: Here are the pens I use!

Q: Do you have any Botox recommendations in Indianapolis? 

A: Yes! David Wood dentist is my go-to!

Q: I like your travel makeup bag… is there one smaller?

A: Here is my travel makeup bag I absolutely love! Also, find more of my Amazon travel essentials in this collage I put together.

Q: Where are your bracelets from?

A: All Electric Picks! Here is my page with all of my favorites 🙂 You can use code KARINA20 for 20% off!

Q: Seeing so many people go to 30A! What makes it so different than other parts of FL?

A: 30A is another level of beauty! So clean and gorgeous! It honestly feels like you are in a movie set!

Q: How do you get your hair colored?

A: I go to @joahhmendes – he used a reverse technique with low lights and balayage. He darkened my roots with wella 5 mixed with a bit of 4 levels and a 20 volume developer! 

Q: I just moved to Indy! Do you have any recs for eyebrows? Yours are fabulous!

A: I go to @lashandbrowndesignco – mention my name and get a discount on your first visit! I also have several makeup and brow tutorials on my blog and Youtube channel!

Q: I need a good moisturizer, any suggestions? I have dry skin. 

A: I purchased this one in the mini version at the Sephora sale and I am OBSESSED! I also have drier skin and this gives a beautiful, weightless glow. 

Q: I purchased the Amazon white strapless top from your page, I love it! Wondering what you would use to cover it for this cold. 

A: I recommend this long duster in white. It would be great with any strapless top!

Q: What Bible do you use?

A: I use a women’s Bible called Thrive, find it here! It has a yearly reading plan along with daily devotionals to digest the texts for beginners.

Q: Karina I love your necklace. Where did you get it?

A: All of my necklaces are from Electric Picks! Here is my page with all of my favorites 🙂 You can use code KARINA20 for 20% off!

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