My Favorite Resources to Remain Positive and Thrive during Coronavirus Times

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So here we are, times of change. Our generation has never experienced a worldwide pandemic this size before. Therefore lots of us are uncertain and unsure of the future, I included. But there are things we can do to minimize how this can impact us. Today I want to share what’s helping me cope and remain positive and thriving as I learn to navigate these waters. In times of social distancing let’s use the internet to connect deeper!

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Waking Up:

I make the conscious decision to have an amazing day every day when I get up from bed, sometimes even while in bed. I say (or think) “Lord, thank you so much for today, give me the opportunity to inspire someone or be a source of our light where you need me to be. Guide me to be an instrument of your will. Amen” – or something like that, it can change by the day (if there’s sunshine I thank God for it, if I had an extra good night of sleep, I thank God for it). You can be thankful for the littlest things like a hot shower, a cup of coffee, food in your fridge or even breathing! Our lives are full of adversities as well as possibilities and opportunities. We just have to choose where we look at 🙂

That said, it’s also ok to have off days, validate your feelings and recognize what’s going on and how you’re reading to it all. It helps me to talk about these feelings. Once you recognize them, allow yourself to feel them and talk or vent about them, then you can move on. The one thing we need to avoid at all costs is to dwell in those feelings, for the simple reason that nothing good will come out of it.


Morning Routine

Water with lemon upon waking up. That’s a practice I’ve adopted on and off for a long time but have been pretty steady since the beginning of 2020.

Mediate: I use an app called Insight Timer. It’s free and you can save guided mediations from all over the world in multiple languages. I usually do a 10-20 min one every morning.

Practice Gratitude: I love the 5 Minute Journal. I started practicing daily gratitude with it back in 2017 and it has drastically changed my life for the best. I actually faced the biggest challenges of my life in 2018 and 2019 and because I chose to look at the positive and remain faithful I was able to overcome both and come out stronger. That said, we’ll always face challenges and unpleasant obstacles but how we choose to face them makes the whole difference in their outcome.

Study The Bible! Some of you will give me eye rolls on this one but trust me if you take the time to search for a bible you like and understand, you might be surprised by how comforting it is. If this seems like too much, start with daily devotionals based on scripture that help you digest the verses in a positive way! During my cancer journey, I read THIS ONE every day and it was like it was speaking right to me!

Yoga or any other kind of exercise. They will make you feel good friends! My studio just started classes virtually using the zoom app. While you wait to see what your studio/health club/gym will do use YouTube, online memberships such as Obé Fitness or purchase workout videos from your favorite bloggers or fitness gurus. I’m loving my friend’s Kathleen Post videos!

I’ve filmed a video with my morning routine a while back, and I know things have changed but these are valuable tips if you care to watch!

Beauty Ritual

You read it right! Working from home for almost 2 years now has taught me that spending a few minutes every day putting myself together makes me more productive and puts me in a good mood! Spend that time and you’ll be able to tackle everything, even the kiddos!! I’ve been adding more videos and tutorials on my BEAUTY section so you can get yourself inspired too!


Get organized. Making lists make my days way more organized and help to keep me on track. I prioritize what needs to be done first and other things that can wait. They might not add positivity to your day but they will sure help manage stress, therefore, make you feel more in control.

Try to make a list of dinners as well and ask for help from your spouse and kids. Grocery store lists will also help you be to the point and not linger at the store unnecessarily! Having easy to make recipes available is a blessing, I can’t get enough of my friend’s Beth Cookbook: That Bowl Life for the girls that are not chefs, just like us!

Family Time

Spend quality time with your kids. Playing board games, having slumber parties, watching movies, cooking together, trying to go outside if the weather allows even if it’s just for a quick walk.


I’ve been experimenting with leaving my hair natural for a while, not sure how long that will last but I’m trying new ways to style it. The pressure for going out of the house is off so you can experiment a lot! Bella and Sophia are dying their hair with cool-aid as I write this, and Sophia pierced her ears last night. Not sure how safe this is but it’s sure experimental! Honestly what I’m trying to say is to have fun with the silly things 🙂


This is the time to catch up with reading, I’ve been enjoying it way too much lately but it’s a great way to spend the extra time we have and learn something new or just for entertainment!

You Are A Badass. I’ve referred back to this book countless times and it couldn’t be more relevant in these times. You’ll find countless pearls of wisdom for men and women for all subjects from career to family life to money to daily life choices. It’s a favorite here!

Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks. I’m currently reading it and can’t put it down! There’s really nothing warmer and cozier than a great romance to escape reality! This one came recommended by Bella who got hoe from school sobbing and said: MOMMY YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! I said, ok 🙂

The Alchemist. One of my all-time favorite books by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author. I love the message, kinda goes along with all the things I try to live by.

Crazy Sexy Diet. This one has become my go-to resource for my change of eating habits. As a fellow cancer survivor, I love Kris’ approach to food and the wealth of knowledge she shares after years of research.

Super Attractor. I haven’t read this one yet but recently got it because I love the Author. Gabrielle Bernstein talks about the power of the Law Of Attraction along with guidance from angels and so much more. I discovered her on Youtube and had to get her latest book. She has other work that comes highly recommended by the positive folks’ community!

You Are The Girl For The Job. This one was a gift from my friends and is next in line. I decided to share because I have a handful of friends who loved it and super recommend it! I’ll update this post when I read it!


Luckily I took my time a month or so back to write to you all about my favorite Podcasts, check them HERE. Beware most are about crimes and not super “feel good”, I just love a good thrill! I also wanted to mention another friend of mine Josie who recently started a podcast called Behind The Feed for social media entrepreneurs giving tips and answering all the burning questions about our jobs!

Resources to remain positive and thriving during coronavirus times

Lastly, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE! We are all feeling the feelings so know that you’re not alone! And please, please, please reach out with other ideas you may have that can contribute to this post and help others!

Stay strong, beijos,


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