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BeautyTalk: Drew Barrymore’s Flower Line

   Last week (following my manager/friend advice to blog about this) I purchased a few products from Drew Barrymore's makeup line Flower sold exclusively at Walmart stores. The whole line is "Made in USA", never tested on animals and politically correct I'm sure it will definitely attract a crowd.   So I bought their BB cream, lip liner, nail polish, eye liner, brow liner, mascara and the plumping, moisturizer (white package) lipstick. Here is my verdict:-BB cream ( I got the bb3 color) $12.98, not worth it. That was a dark mud color (grayish almost), very dense and hard to spread on the face, my foundation brush had to be washed three times (no kidding) to get rid of all the residue from it. It does have great coverage but it looks like you…

Beauty Talk

BeautyTalk: Fab beauty trends for spring 2013!

   This is my first official beauty talk post. Aside from my youtube videos (which I'd love for you to subscribe! Chanel: Karina Style Diaries) I usually talk rather quickly about certain products and ways to do your makeup, this is a bit more in depth of what's happening this season when it comes to your hair, skin, nails and everything else we typically use to enhance our beautiful selves!   So after my research I narrowed down the spring trends to 7 most relevant ones and here they are:1. Hair Bun: I guess it's time for the high up bun to go down a few inches, more precisely to the side even though the messy bun it's still an option we're seeing a lot more neatness going on when it comes to hair styles…

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ShopLocal: CosBar your beauty destination in the Rocky Mountains!

   Buying your goods from the the local shops is a way to keep them alive and going, besides the support of your community. That being said I know that's not always possible, maybe they don't have certain products or the shop really sucks... ouch!    So when I found this awesome beauty shop in the heart of the Vail Village I thought WOW I have access to all of this right here and didn't even know! So I felt the need to blog about such a place and let everyone know you have a beauty shop destination while on vacation!!!   I went in looking for an illuminator or highlighter and found a great little product from Chanel that is neither one of those but works just like one! Let me explain, it's the…

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Beauty S.O.S: Pastel Hair + Special Discount Offer!

 My "relationship" with my hair stylist started over a year ago (or more, not so sure) and since then I've felt so much joy with my hair, and my frustrating bad hair days are long gone!!!! So I'd love to share him with you -boys and girls- because he is truly a one of kind stylist who understands trends and is not afraid to be daring ;)This season I decided to experiment with the pastel colors and picked pink and green to start, since then I've been planning what other colors I'd like to play with....but in the mean time you can look at the pics I took and take advantage of a very special discount offer he's doing for my readers! Call now and book your appointment with Kiem Voong at the 7Th…

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Beauty S.O.S: The Red Lip

Now it's the time to transition from the nude lip and the smoky eye to a more springish look; the bright colored lip and the natural looking eye - I say natural looking because you know there's a lot of goodies we use to "look" natural :) but that's talk for another time.Today I'm focusing on the red lip, I know it can be intimidating but only until you find your perfect shade. Invest some time on a consultation from a make up artist who will help you achieve your perfect self!!Do you need reasons why to wear a bright lipstick? Here we go: 1. It instantly turns your outfit into a chic ensemble. Its' like the perfect accessory, think of a pair of jeans with a cardi and flats...now think of it with bright…

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